Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Software Engineering: SOAP Web Service with CXF, Spring and JBoss

This article is going to differ from previous posts related to Java like Mastering Java: Boxing vs MutableInteger or programming puzzles like random walks with a left bound. There won't be any mathematics or investigation behind the post but some technical aspects of everyday work. I'm going to describe a simple way of creating SOAP Services using Spring, Apache CXF and JBoss. So If it's interesting to you - go ahead. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Programming Puzzle: Fun with Bitwise Operations, Part 1

Hi, today I want to share solutions to some pretty small programming puzzles. There are threee of them:
  1. Switch the values of 2 int variables without introduction of additional variable
  2. Check if the int number is a palindrome in binary notation
  3. Implement sum of two int variables with only binary operations, such as ^ & | or shifting (<<, >>)
So if you are interesting in explanation for the solutions, read further. Or check the source code otherwise.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Programming Puzzle: Random Walks with a Bound

I'm going to discuss an interesting task and an approach that might be useful to know.
The task is a Random-Walks with a Bound.

Input: Imagine a coordinates [0, +INFINITY), you stay at 0 and each time you can either hop left or right with equal probability, unless you stay at 0 (then you can only hop right with 100% probability).

Each hop increments you coordinate by 1 (right hop) or decrements it by 1 (left hop)

Output: What is the average number of hops to reach N coordinate (Ln).

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Data Analysis: Python and Pandas

Today I want to share some notes on data analysis with Python and a set of libraries and tools. 
First of all I'm not a Python developer so my code might seem a bit clumsy. But I'm trying to improve so please be kind to me :)

I this section I'm going to play a little with Python, pandas and some public datasets. If you are interested go ahead.